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King Tuts gig on June 20th/Bob Wayne

Posted on Tuesday, 21 May 2013

News :: King-tuts-gig-on-june-20th-bob-wayne :: BW Photo Credit ukasz Jaszak

The Ballachulish Hellhounds are supporting US touring artist Bob Wayne at King Tuts on the 20th June.
Looks like a match made in hell......
Tickets are 7.00 on the door or heavily discounted from The Hounds.
Looks like being a right ole tear up.
Leave a message and we'll get back to you for a ticket or email and we'll get you sorted with a cheap ticket.
Here's a bit about Bob..........
Till the Wheels Fall Off ain’t just an album title. It’s a way of life. And the Outlaw Carnie responsible for it ain’t no character. Bob Wayne is 100% the real deal: a raucous, rambunctious, storytelling rabble-rouser with a passionate zeal for life and a reckless charm that is completely unbound.

Conquering the interstates behind the wheel of his real-life ‘70s Cadillac limo while surrounded by a revolving gang of sweaty banjo bangers, fiddle scorchers and upright bass slappers, Bob Wayne carries the torch for the Outlaw Country tradition with a modern punkabilly snarl all of his own. The rampaging troubadour has left a trail of devastated dive bars, broken hearts and one-night stands across the United States and Europe.

Bob’s incredible catalog of home recordings, studio outings and zip-lock-baggied CDs sold from his trunk have all finally culminated into a pair of landmark releases with People Like You Records that encapsulate and capture just what his life’s work has been about. There’s no better place to hear Bob than the road, but the Nashville based country singer’s Outlaw Carnie and newest collection of tunes, Till the Wheels Fall Off, come a close second. Bob writes songs that paint vivid pictures of real life, with an overall atmosphere befitting the rowdy carnival ride conjured in his presentation.


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